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installing the W3 validator on windows


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Hi Guys,

I recently tried to install the W3 validator on my local machine running on windows XP here is the guide

Everything seemed to go fine all except the installation of one of the perl modules Text-Iconv
it says on the guide (as its a installation guide for windows) that it will work but when i look for this module on windows i can't find it anywere

Ive searched all over google for 3 days running now and still havn't solved my problem, please could someone who is very clever see if they can do a windows install and provide me the details on how i would be very gratefull.

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If i read the guide correct, than you need ActivePearl to make the installation work. If you have`nt installed it, you can get it here: http://www.activestate.com/store/freedownload.aspx?prdGuid=81fbce82-6bd5-49bc-a915-08d58c2648ca
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