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Sharing articles across multiple Joomla! sites


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What should I do to share articles from a same category across multiple, separate Joomla! 2.5 websites but host on the same DataBase (different tablepr?fix)?

I want to be able to write articles of a category on one site and allow my other site to display all the articles of this category (to avoid duplicates).



Ps: There is too many articles to call them one by one into many different modules. (Most content is different but there is some that is the same.)

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I tried to modify a native joomla module that do the trick using the internal tables, by changing the  $com_path =

but i am getting a Fatal error.

Native code: $com_path = JPATH_SITE.'/components/com_content/';

My try : $com_path = '/homez.420/kmxsiksf/rsc/components/com_content/helpers/route.php';

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