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Help with storing values


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I'm creating a 3 page form, using information from an XML service.


The steps are as follows

Page 1. The user puts in some times / dates etc into page 1 and I fire off an XML request to get availabilities and details of all tickets available.

Page 2.  All options available are rendered for the user to choose which one they would specifically like.

Page 3. The choice is confirmed and we then pass a booking ref to a basket.


The issue I have is, I am building this for a 3rd party and have no access to a DB so I need to be able to hold all the data from the XML response requested in step 1, to be able to output the confirmation on step 3.

What is the best way to hold this from steps 2 to 3?

I have thought of hidden fields or possibly session variables, but there are about 15 XML fields for each returned option and I can sometimes get over 30 options returned.


Your thoughts please guys.

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session variables




Session variables would result in the least a mount of overall code and the least amount of data being shipped back and forth between the server/browser. You would create arrays of the categories/options per category, stored as session variables, then use those arrays to produce the form and in the validation/display step.

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