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Date and time problem

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Perhaps someone can help me please. This is driving me crazy!

I have copied and adapted a script that displays a table with dates and times.

The script generates the dates 5 working days ahead and times from 7.00 till 16.00.

Every cell shows an "A".

When clicking a date, the script connects to the db and adds the date and time to the db.

I now need to show the dates and times that are in the db with a "B" for "booked".

The db has the following columns: id, deldate, deltime.


See script below:



$font_size = 1;

$how_many_business_days_ahead = 1;

$how_many_business_days_to_count = 10;

$numdel = 10; // number of deliveries per day

$deltimestart = 7; //start delivery time

$int = 1; // hourly interval between deliveries


$numdel = $numdel - 1;

$time = $deltimestart - $int;




$server= "your_server";

$user= "user";

$password= "password";

$database= "database";

$table= "delivery";


MYSQL_CONNECT($server, $user, $password) or die ( "<H3>Server unreachable</H3>");

MYSQL_SELECT_DB($database) or die ( "<H3>Database non existent</H3>");


if ($date != "" && $time != "") { // This enters the data into the db

$req_date = $_REQUEST['date'];

$req_time = $_REQUEST['time'];


$insertion = "INSERT INTO $table VALUES ('','$req_date','$req_time')";

$result_insertion = mysql_query($insertion) or die ("Updating failed");



for ($c=0;$c<$how_many_business_days_to_count;$c++)



$theday = strftime("%A", strtotime("+$jump"));

if($theday != "Saturday" and $theday != "Sunday")


$days = $how_many_business_days_ahead+$c;

$the_days[$j] = strftime("%Y-%m-%d", strtotime("+$jump days"));




$k = $how_many_business_days_ahead;


echo "<table border=\"1\">";

echo "<tr><td></td>";


for ($a=0;$a<10;$a++){

$deltimefinish = $deltimestart;

$deltimestart = $deltimestart + $int;

echo "<td width=\"50\" align=\"center\"><font size=\"$font_size;\">$deltimefinish - $deltimestart</font></td>";



echo "</tr>";


foreach($the_days as $eachday){

echo "<tr><td><font size=\"$font_size\">";

echo strftime("%a, %d %b", strtotime("$eachday"));

echo "</font></td>";



for ($i=0;$i<=$numdel;$i++){


if ($time>"15"){

$time = "7";

echo "<td align=\"center\"><font size=\"$font_size\"><a href=\"deliverydates.php?date=$eachday&time=$time\">A</a></font></td>";

} else {

$time = $time + 1;

echo "<td align=\"center\"><font size=\"$font_size\"><a href=\"deliverydates.php?date=$eachday&time=$time\">A</a></font></td>";




echo "</tr>";

echo "</table>";


/* Close SQL-connection */



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