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Caching Problem IIS 7 (I think...)

Rolo Tomassi

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I'm running IIS 7.5 on my windows 7 dt to run php files. I'm processing php files fine. I'm having a problem with caching.


I created a simple form that calls the php file for processing. Two problems:


1. If I make changes to the php file for processing, then try to run the form again, it still uses the older php file version even though I saved over the older one.

2. If I create a whole new php file (change the action on the form to use that file) I get the error that the file cannot be found.


I've tried clearing the browsers cache. I've set the output caching on IIS to not cache .php files. Does not seem to help. However the following day, the new php file is used. So whatever is happening, after some time, everything works fine. Can I set something to keep this from happening? Just learning php (which so far am loving the language), but my testing is severely hindered. Thanks for any clues.

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