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social script review

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Hello everybody

I recently launched a social networking software and i am curios about opinions pro and con.The demo url is here:



the product url is http://www.social-script.com


I also have 2 demos in work for video and dating:




Is based on JqueryUI and supports JqueryUI themes

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I like the idea and what you have done so far.


It's a shame the address location does not reflect your actual location in the website.

No links can be bookmarked.


It's designed for widescreen display for your css, doesn't look pretty with chopped off items in content areas and scrollbars.

Some additional work in the themes may be needed, for the most part it's functional.

Because I am not using a widescreen, the theme changer gets moved down to a new line, which then shoves the navigation menu down, prevents me from seeing the above areas of the current page underneath the menu. (certain themes)

In IE and also Chrome, the text runs over the images in the center content area, in Firefox it looks correct.


I like your theme changer.


For the chat, it is nice to be able to hit enter versus having to click send only.


If I refresh to the main site or reload a page, it logs me out each time.


The area to create new posts is way too big in my opinion, and need to scroll just to see the submit button.


It seems a bit busy as for navigation. I mean as for being a user, what to do,where to go. Breaking them up into relevant panels or areas may be the way to go, like all user functions, or browsing the site with dropdown menus.


I believe you have something pretty good here if can polish it up a bit.


What type of license are you planning for this?

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Thanks for taking a deeper look,i appreciate it.I tried to make everything in percentage in css rather than fixed dimensions,and i tested on quite a few resolutions,but as you said i still have a few problems.Which is the resolution you tried it with?I particularly like how it works on tablet,plus it's a lot easier to actually use the site,i mean you can read posts,watch videos,pictures,put comments etc on the middle while you chat on the right.For the people who spend time on social networks i think they would appreciate how fast it is to use it.Personally i don't like opening a whole new page when i can see the info just as good in same page.Yes bookmarking is an issue but i also have a version which is not ajax here:


Basically admin can switch from admin between the 2 load types so is as easy as it can get.Plus i have a 3rd setting which basically serves the non-ajax version to search engines and the ajax one to users,so SEO is taken care of.I also build it on php 5.4 on a custom made MVC so i think this is a big plus.I also think i need a better main theme.Wasn't aware of the logged out bug.I've been told by someone else too about navigation,i think i'll need to change the top categories to a dropdown,i think that should do it.Took notice too of the other suggestions,i will implement them.For the license i have 3 versions,standard is 99 usd,the other  has webcam plus more layouts eg


and the professional one has some advanced features like APC or MEMCACHE.I too feel it brings something new and a bit of fresh air,it definitely has potential.

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You should be using pushState() when loading new pages.

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