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  1. Gulp runs in the node environment, so you can just use node's module loader to import the data within arrayfile, then export it as an array for your Gulp script to import. arrayfile.js: module.exports = { somefile: require('./somefile'), someotherfile: require('./someotherfile') }; gulpfile.js: var data = require('./arrayfile'); console.log(data.somefile); console.log(data.someotherfile); You could export an array from arrayfile.js (the name of which obviously doesn't make much sense when you export an object), however having named properties to access a different file's data feels
  2. This isn't valid syntax: CKEDITOR.instances."editor2"(...) You'll get an error thrown for an unexpected string there. Assuming editor2 is a property of instances, then you can just use this: CKEDITOR.instances.editor2(...)
  3. While I wouldn't agree that it looks totally different in every browser, I wouldn't say that I like the look of it. The colours don't work together, the images look bad quality, everything just seems unorganised. If you're hoping to get work from this website I would seriously invest a bit of time into learning a bit about design, or just go with something simple.
  4. Why over 3112? Strikes me as an odd number to limit it to.
  5. By "moved to another table" I presume you just mean normalised? It really depends on what kind of functionality you're going to provide. If it's just a basic send mail wrapper then you probably don't need to worry, given it will be sent in the CC header in exactly that format. If however you want to provide a more advanced address book, and/or provide some kind of filtering of sent mails, then I would probably normalise the data. Normalising the data complicates the code of course, so unless you have the need to do it I wouldn't bother -- KISS.
  6. Can't believe you registered just to post that. CodeIgniter sounds perfect for you.
  7. Just out of curiousity, where does the name Labradoodle-360 come from? Whilst in the midst of a 360 degree spin did you discover your talent for breeding unusual dog hybrids?
  8. That's just what my friends call me..
  9. Could you change mine to "<<Adam_69_Bad_Boi_Wrecking_Ball>>" please? Heh.. no "Adam89" please, since Adam is taken
  10. You could just use PuTTY to access the server's VI(M?) editor (assuming it's Linux). That's real easy to transport, heck it's even available as an iPhone app now!
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