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Database Design Problems


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Hi guys


Right I have a major headache of a problem. its with regards to the database design of a phrase system for languages for a client of mine.


Basically the client has a website with 219 different countries. They want a new section in which they will call phrases. Within this section they want to be able to show a category..... say greetings. When greetings is clicked all of the phrases for greetings in that country come up next to the english version of that word.


Let say a users is looking at emergency phrases in france. when they click phrases and then emergency they will see english phrases next to the correct French response


the country languages is stored currently in the country table and has a max of 3 language ID's.


ok so here is what i have





Country Languages phrasecat Phrases

idcountry idlanguages idphrasecat idphrases

country_name lang_name phrasecat_name phrase

idlang1 idcountry

idlang2 idlanguages

idlang3 idphrasecat





so from here I have the phrase with the country the phrase is in and the category the phrase belongs to.


I dont know where to go from here!!!! I know that every country will have their languages compared to English versions as its an english site but thats it.



How do I link 2 phrases together. Whats more if a country has 3 languages. how do I show all three, in order and the english next to it? Im thinking I may need more tables but I cant figure out the design of them.


Any thoughts?


Any help would be much appreciated





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