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Found 5 results

  1. First let me start by saying I'm not looking to copy someone else's code but better understand where the line is drawn for people copying my own code. All developers at some point will have used others code in there own work. If you see something that inspires you, you may decided to use that code in your design. In some degree this maybe classed as fair use depending on the quantity of code you copy. Another developer may taken an entire php file, function, class, CSS sheet, HTML file and use this in there work / pass this off as there own work. This is blatant plagiarism. However what is stopping a developer from taking an entire piece of code and editing every aspect of the file to make it his own? For instance a designer my change the names of the styles and perhaps change the order of the properties and there values slightly; He may also move around parts of the html. In doing so causes the design to look different to your own but still the copying your work no the less. Another instance maybe that a PHP developer uses your entire code / software package and change the names of the variables, classes and methods; He may also change the order in which the methods appear and even change some similar functions to use alternatives such as loops. Again this causes the program to do exactly what your intends to do, however the source code will now look different to your own. How far can someone go back doing these actions? Is this legal? How best would you be able to prove it?
  2. Hello I Googled Responsive vs Adaptive design , and almost all results recommend using Responsive design and say that Adaptive design has a lots Cons. But... I noticed that famous websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube and many more use Adaptive Design, so I'm wandering Why they use Adaptive design if the majority say that responsive is better ? Thanks !
  3. I am upgrading a news site which has grown from one news reporter to many. The present design has the reporter using uSnotepad and fleshing out tag delimited areas in a new .php file. We all know it's a hack. And while the presentation on the site is standard looking it's only because there is one reporter and he understands the workings of this template. When the template isn't adequate, he knows too how to modify, and he knows how to fix it when he breaks it. Well we can't do that anymore. We do have an administrative editor that can tweak things but we want the story input process to be as helpful and as foolproof as it can be for the unaccomplished html authors; with their plain text copy and a picture or two. It sounds so simple doesn't it? We use a client side javascript app called tinymce which, while it has it's problems, works well for html formatting of text input. Our advertisers use it for copy. They know what they want and are accomplished enough to use it. Our news reporters are community guys and, as described above, would wind up just playing around. Lord knows what would come out. Blinking text! (can you do that anymore?) So, now that I've droned on and on... would someone suggest a process or interface that allows remote, html ignorant news reporters to submit news reports in a standard format. We would expect them to create a proper headline, edit paragraphs, and to insert images where appropriate (with subtitles). Perhaps a link. We expect the need to offer some instruction. The authors are trusted, so we don't need to monitor - we need the input interface and formatting. The stories will include images. ANY ideas are welcome. We, I, really don't know who to proceed with this. The only "formatting" applications I know of are uSWord and tinymce. I know uSWord can be motored with OLE and I'd be willing to do that if necessary... but it seems a bit much and our server is Linux. Forget using a text box. Nobody can really use a text box. After I blew up stackoverflow, I knew this was true. (Except,I have to admit, I've been unable to blow this site's input with the standard trickery.) We'd even consider a 3rd party service to process input. HELP! And thanks.
  4. Hello The Internet is full with Responsive design tutorials, but a could not find any helpful adaptive design tutorial, so if someone know how to create a adaptive design or a useful tutorial please help. Have a Good Day !
  5. I apologize if it's the wrong section, I don't know which other section this question would belong in and it is the most popular section on the forum. Say I have a site where users are can purchase "packages" and to do so, they are sending payments directly to the company using a payment processor. The company tracks all the payments in the back-end. The users are also able to see their earnings, balance and withdrawals. Normally a user can make a withdrawal request and the company will send that user his earning balance. After the user receives his earnings in his bank account, he can go back to the site and purchase a new package. That's all great. But what if I want to give an option to the users where they can use the earnings in their account on the site to purchase a new package, instead of going through a payment processor? For e.g. I have $100 as my earning balance in my site's account. And the package I want to purchase is $50. I can simply purchase that package using the $100 I have in my account, instead of making a withdrawal request and wait for the $100 to show up in my bank account and then I go back to the site and purchase that package using a payment processor, as I did originally. I am wondering, if I give users that option, do I need to worry about anything security wise? Is that a wise option to give or should I just stick to payment processor for all user payments? *note I am not asking how to code it.
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