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Choosing An Appropriate Framework


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Good Day Everyone,


I recently was looking for a decent framework to build a new website on and at a glance Yii Framework (http://www.yiiframework.com/) seemed to suit my needs. But after starting to work with I noticed it is perhaps a little too user friendly. I am now tossing up between CodeIgniter (http://ellislab.com/codeigniter) and PHPDevShell (http://www.phpdevshell.org/). If anyone has any prior experience with either frameworks I would love to hear your thoughts.


While Yii generates a lot of code for you, providing a base to work off. I have always preferred building functionality myself in conjunction with a framework that doesn't provide a base for you.


Any thoughts, ideas are welcome.


Kind Regards,


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I think if CodeIgniter is one of the frameworks you are considering, you really should take a moment to consider that the upcoming major release has a license that may or may not work for your business or your clients. You should read and fully understand the new license if you plan to use CodeIgniter 3.X. After using CodeIgniter for about 3 years, and having thousands of hours dedicated to CodeIgniter projects, I don't feel like I can upgrade them to CodeIgniter 3.X, which is both unfortunate and frustrating. Unless EllisLabs decides to change the license to something more business friendly, I'll not be using CodeIgniter for further projects. I was a big proponent of CodeIgniter usage, but it's my opinion that you would now be better off using something else.

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I had used CodeIgniter for a long time. But as I have found laravel (thanks to trq), I can say that laravel is simply unparalleled.

I started my programming hobby with C# and later switched over to php for its easy accessibility and open source nature. From my .NET experience, I found Laravel is more object oriented and can be stretched as per your need.

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