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  1. The simplest way to gain request-start to request-end speed is to cache using something like akamai.
  2. 2 & 3 will never happen using vim's autocompletion. And 1, well, vim gets its context from a few different locations depending on the keystroke you use to start completion. Generally, I only ever use the context of the current buffer. This meens variables will only be completed if they already exist in the current buffer. Not that I use completion often anyway.
  3. Not at all. That's why I said I rarely use it.
  4. vim's code completion is the best (quickest and most flexible) Ive used, not that I use it often.
  5. $lstr needs to be the second argument to prepare() not query().
  6. Instead of using variables directly within your query, you use placeholders. You then pass your variables in as extra arguments to prepare().
  7. Have you looked at the documentation for the prepare method? It looks similar to sprintf, and it looks like your code is not using it properly.
  8. Its just a single image (that doesn't even fill a widescreen monitor mind you). There is no "web design" to critique.
  9. So your issue is with jQuery? This is the php help forum.
  10. How do you expect us to help without a description of your problem?
  11. For smaller less complex applications ORM's are great. Once things start to get more complex however, I have found they just get in the way. They make the simple things even simpler and the complex things more complex IMO.
  12. Do you have a question? Also, if your going to post code, we have tags. Use them.
  13. Why would you change it in the first place knowing you only get 1 change every 365 days? I think you should keep the name you have, at least for a little while.
  14. Just a heads up. I have changed my display name. thorpe -> trq
  15. This resonates with me more than anything else. http://blog.sanctum.geek.nz/series/unix-as-ide/
  16. Several solutions have been supplied. What have you tried? Can we see your current code?
  17. Your going to need to be more specific. Save a query to where and for what? You can create a stored procedure.
  18. You have failed to ask any question. What exactly is the problem?
  19. That code could not possibly output those results. OT, your echo line is making an invalid link, it should be: echo "<a href='tag.php?tag=$p'>" . $pmod . "</a> ";
  20. It's JavaScript, it should not be between <?php ?> tags.
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