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Wordpress Php Post

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How can I post on wordpress with this script and how can I edit the post if images from the original page have been changed?


<?php // File: MatchAllDivMain.php

// Read html file to be processed into $data variable
$data = file_get_contents('test.html');

// Commented regex to extract contents from <div class="main">contents</div>
//  where "contents" may contain nested <div>s.
//  Regex uses PCRE's recursive (?1) sub expression syntax to recurs group 1
$pattern_long = '{		   # recursive regex to capture contents of "main" DIV
<div\s+class="main"\s*>			  # match the "main" class DIV opening tag
 (								   # capture "main" DIV contents into $1
   (?:							   # non-cap group for nesting * quantifier
  (?: (?!<div[^>]*>|</div>). )++  # possessively match all non-DIV tag chars
   |								 # or
  <div[^>]*>(?1)</div>		    # recursively match nested <div>xyz</div>
   )*							    # loop however deep as necessary
 )								   # end group 1 capture
</div>							   # match the "main" class DIV closing tag
}six';  // single-line (dot matches all), ignore case and free spacing modes ON

// short version of same regex
$pattern_short = '{<div\s+class="main"\s*>((??:(?!<div[^>]*>|</div>).)++|<div[^>]*>(?1)</div>)*)</div>}si';

$matchcount = preg_match_all($pattern_long, $data, $matches);
// $matchcount = preg_match_all($pattern_short, $data, $matches);
if ($matchcount > 0) {
   echo("$matchcount matches found.\n");
//  print_r($matches);
   for($i = 0; $i < $matchcount; $i++) {
    echo("\nMatch #" . ($i + 1) . ":\n");
    echo($matches[1][$i]); // print 1st capture group for match number i
} else {
   echo('No matches');

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