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REPLACE() Multiple Argument?

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How can I have a query to replace multiple strings. For example:


string = "the { quick brown " fox [ jump \/ ! £ $ %^&*«over»,.;:'#@~{ the lazy dog}|=+`<period>?]+"


I want that al those special characters found ("[\/!£$%^&*«»,.;:'#@~{}|=+`<>?]+" ) on that string will be replace by dashed(-).

What I have now is just only the space replace with dashed(-).:


SELECT REPLACE(string, ' ', '-') as turl FROM table; 

I don't know how to put another argument in the from_str of REPLACE () function


Please take note that I can't use PHP ereg_replace. I have to badly do this in MySQL only. Is this possible?

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