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PHP script - login issue


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I am trying to use the code from a freeware application found here.


I managed to install it, the database tables are correctly inserted and i can see the demo content.


Now it seems it has an issue with the login. when i try to login, i see a "die?" error in my browser. searching the web, i found some comments saying that it could be a compatibility issue between php4 and 5. on my website i am running php5.


i tried to look into the code, but being no expert or programmer, i am wondering if i could be pointed in the right direction. what do i need to change in the code to make it work. i think the only issue is the login. I also tried to change the password in mysql to "old password", but it made no difference.


i am attaching the index.php and config files, as well as the admin login form.


Finally, just one comment on why i am coming here for help. the support of this website seems to be stopped. I sent many emails as did other users, but it seems the project is dead as nobody replied to anyone...



thank for any advise.

php code zip.zip

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The "die?" message looks like it is left over from some debugging.


Sadly, the minimal sites like the one where you found that script at are solely for the purpose of earning money based on visitors.


Knowing that the login form is redisplayed after you have entered your credentials, does at least point toward some likely causes. If I have time, I will look at the login form and the login processing code (in the pb_events.php file) to see what might prevent a successful login.

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I tried that script to see what it would do. There are numerous php detected errors when it runs and it won't run at all, as is, under php5.4 (call-time pass by reference has been eliminated and results in a fatal error.)


There's an error_reporting(0); statement in the lib/site.php file that is hiding all runtime errors you are likely getting on your server. You should comment out that line and see if you get any useful error information. Please don't post a bunch of error messages here and expect to get someone to tell you what to do to fix each one. If finding and fixing what is causing each error is beyond your php skills, hire someone or use a different script.


However, based on what I saw in the code, you should not waste your time. The code is amateurish, has no validation, and would be a hackers dream come true if used on a live site.

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