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Can anybody help how to connect to PostgreSQL form PHP over SSL.

I know PG_Connect can be used with option requiressl, but I did not find any resource about that. Do you have some links to web pages where this is well explained?

Any other way how to remotely connect to Postgres securely?

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Check out Justin Vincents "ez_sql" database wrapper class, modify it for PostgreSQL(only takes a couple lines), and then check out how it all works. It will ultimately save you LOTS of headaches, and database can be anywhere, ssl or not.



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First you have to turn on SSL support in the postgresql.conf configuration file.


Then it depends on your library of choice to use from php.

I use the standard libpq default if you compile PHP with postgresql support.


The pg_connect function supports the connection to a Postgresql SSL ready server.

Just look at the parameter option about the SSL:



The connection_string can be empty to use all default parameters, or it can contain one or more parameter settings separated by whitespace. Each parameter setting is in the form keyword = value. Spaces around the equal sign are optional. To write an empty value or a value containing spaces, surround it with single quotes, e.g., keyword = 'a value'. Single quotes and backslashes within the value must be escaped with a backslash, i.e., \' and \\.


The currently recognized parameter keywords are: host, hostaddr, port, dbname, user, password, connect_timeout, options, tty (ignored), sslmode, requiressl (deprecated in favor of sslmode), and service. Which of these arguments exist depends on your PostgreSQL version.


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