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Combatting Spam Messages on a Medium Online Community

Vivid Lust

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I run an online community with over 10k members and frequently get spammed by users sending spam messages to other members in the forms of money scams. They are not sent via robots but by real human beings, probably sat in cyber cafes abroad!!


I currently don't have any concrete measures put in place and am trying to formulate the best mix of measures to combat this successfully, as I know my competitors are having problems and I need to use this to be advantage as a point of differentiation.


Current ideas include:


- Limit messages for new members

- Report member feature .... 3 reports = automatic account deactivation (but this wont immediately stop the spammer, they can spam hundreds of accounts in a matter of minutes)

- some kind of regex that looks for recurring themes among spammers


Not sure what else, any ideas and suggestions will be very much appreciated.


Thank you all!



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