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I know most of this issue is me not knowing how to use SIMILAR TO and regex so any help would be great.


I am trying to match a product title entered into a search field with titles already in a database.


for example in the database the title is "Robocop"


when I look up another title say ... "Robocop Blu-Ray" or "Robocop (The Criterion Collection)" or "Prime Directives Robocop Series"


how can I get it to return a match?


Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like you can get away with a simple LIKE statement:


WHERE title LIKE '%' || your_string_here || '%'


The % signs are wildcards and the || signs append the who thing together to become '%Robocop%'


Note however that LIKE statements that start with a wildcard can be very slow because the database cannot use indexes to eliminate records that cannot possibly match.

FULLTEXT may be a better solution, but is (a little) more complex to setup

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