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Server to Server database connections

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Hey guys I have been working a project and this is going to be long but I want to explain my problem thoroughly. I have a web hosting server provided by Bluehost and I have been doing my programming with PHP fine and having a lot of fun. However now I have a client that currently has the POS (point of sale) system called MICROS which creates a server and runs the POS. They currently do all of their paperwork in Microsoft Excel by running the reports created by Micros (entirely separate application) and then input the data into excel and there is just a lot of swapping back and forth between the two. I currently am in the process of planning out a way to run an application in the browser to where they put their daily sales into a form I create and then my PHP application automatically goes into the MICROS database and compares automatically then from there populates my Bluehost database. Long story short I need to be able to have my Bluehost database and the Micros database communicate. I am not really sure how to go about this. I can get access to the MICROS .dbase file if that helps any and also I do have a username and password that allows me into the database on MICROS. I don't have experience with the "Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere" but I did see that on the MICROS computer there is a version of SQLlite driver and heard of that in PHP so I am thinking that is my ticket. I just need a push in the right direction but also the Sybase has a way to set up a web service in the Sybase Central configuration application. I was also thinking that maybe I need to create my php files and then put them on the MICROS system to properly run and somehow link it all together, I don't know guys, HELP! Let me know if there is any other information that needs to be supplied.


Technologies involved:



Linux, MySql, phpMyAdmin



Windows XP, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 9


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