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php include relative or absolute path

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I use Dreamweaver as my IDE for development, something i have always found to be a pain but haven't had much time to look into is the best way to include or require a file in other directories and have the intellasense still work for custom classes


and then to add a bit more these files that have the include or require code are also in files that sit in the root and have them as include or require - so i just set up a define ROOT but then I loose all intellasense which comes in very handy when working with a large amount of custom classes and their functions / methods


any solutions to this include or require relative or absolute working in multiple includes throughout a site?


Looking for thoughts, thanks

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Thanks davidannis for your reply,

I use a config.php file also, everything works fine with my define paths, the sites always work fine, I guess I am just trying to seek out a way to have intellasense work correctly in Dreamweaver when you got /pageA.php in the root with /include/pageB.php included in /pageA.php and /classes/pageC.php included into pageB.php


so that is:

define Root = dirname(__FILE__);

In /pageA.php -> include(ROOT . "/include/pageB.php");

In /pageB.php -> include(ROOT . "/classes/pageC.php");


All works fine on the server and includes the pages - but in dreamweaver, in order for intellasense to work, the above include will not work to show the class and its methods as you type/create the code -> they need a relitive path without the var ROOT as this doesn't get defined until runtime on the server


Just wondering if anyone knows a work around for this or something that can be defined in Dreamweaver,


Any thoughts on the best IDE with intellasense like this and a good all around solution for creating sites - I am going to check out a few and a few pointers in that direction would be good too, going to check out Aptana Studio 3 and see what that offers


again, any thoughts would be great

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