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Hi everybody,

I am trying to figure out my first PHP script, but have no idea how to logic it out. I hope someone will help me find the right logic pattern to do this the right way.

It ought to be pretty simple....

I can make unique buttons for navigation [ buttonUP and buttonDOWN, even buttonHOVER? ]

BUT! I will need to find a script that will perform as a navigation tool, and allow me to put these buttons where I want them to be.

Of course, I also need to know what such a script is doing, so that I learn something valuable

Anyone interested in helping me learn how to make such a navigation thing?

Many thanks,



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Thanks DaveyK,


I see that in the CSS documentation, but I was trying to learn how to apply pretty much the same thing to using images rather than text links.


I'll try a pseudo code explanation


If Mouse is over a navigation button then

    Show MouseOverButtonImage.jpg

    If MouseClick then

        Show MouseClickButtonImage.jpg

       <a href="">Page12.html</a>


ElseIf Show MouseNormalButtonImage.jpg



Sort of like that (If I've made any sense)


I want to use images to manage a clients navigation and I want to learn my first PHP script.


Thanks anyhow,


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Are you sure images are required? You can do a bunch with CSS (seriously, a lot). Images will slow down and keep in mind: the user will see them load which is kinda ugly, right.


Also, with CSS you can change the backgound-image on :hover. Needless to say, you can also use images and still keep to pure CSS

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Hi Again, DaveyK


Thank you for answering.


In truth, I don't know if I need images or not. This would be the first script I ever write in PHP. I chose the button approach only because I had done similar things using JavaScript and it was a simple enough task that I can understand what "is happening" and fool around with it enough to learn a bit more about PHP. This whole notion was more of an easy way to get started on something that would produce a result quickly so I could feel better about it.


I have to admit, I've seen some CSS navigations that are easily superior, and will probably choose to utilize CSS.


Thanks again,


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