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Chmod issue

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Hello First of all if I have posted this in the wrong forum I am sorry and you will understand why I am here now because I really don't get all this stuff. So I need the help of anyone who does understand. I purchased a script so I could offer free image hosting I was able to install the tables right in mysql database and everything seems to work ok but only when I actually upload an image and am taken to the spot where I am supposed to get the codes so I can host the image, the image is not viewable. I followed the instructions and Chmod all the folders and files indicated so they would be writable,but as I said everything executes fine and only issue is the image will not display. So what I have to do is manually use my FTP and go to the folder and Chmod each image that I want to be able to view. So this will not work because I won't be able to set at my computer and chmod peoples pictures so they can host them. So can some one give me some ideas of what I did wrong? I sure do appreciate your help in advance. Thanks

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