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how to install lucene

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hi all, im planning to build search engine in my web app now. im gonna use lucene for search library.


but i dont find how to install lucene for web using.
so, can you give me ref. or tut or step by step how to install lucene in web server(localhost)?? so that i can use lucene along with php.
please help me all.
thanks so much b4.

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sphinx, yes, but never used it b4.


lucene you give is old version, im using new one now.

when i read lucene book about how to integrate to php, it suggets me use php java bridge or zend lucene search.

but in performing, zend is slower than php java bridge-lucene.
so.. i use php-java-bridge,

i have installed php java bridge in tomcat well.

now, i dont know how to put lucene n php java bridge together.

need really help QuickOldCar, thanks in advance b4.

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