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How to echo a mysqli table


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Says the person who doesn't know what "sans" means... The irony ;)

ohhhh i assumed he meant "and"... i thought it was a typo.... haha, so what does it mean? Also, I got it working!!! Do you know how to turn every result into a table row with this code?



while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { 
   echo "<font color='grey'>".$row['date']."</font> ".$row['sender']." - ".$row['subject']."";
Please post the code if you get it working in a table.... I'm not sure of the best way to do it...... thanks!
I also have another question.... but I won't post it until i get this figured out.... thanks!
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Says the person who doesn't know what "sans" means... The irony ;)


okay got it working....



echo "<table border='1'>";
while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { //while you still have data left in the table:
   echo "<tr><td><font color='grey'>".$row['date']."</font></td><td> ".$row['sender']."</td><td> - ".$row['subject']."</td></tr>";
echo '</table>'; //ends the table.


is that a good way to do it?


on to the next question.....


This is what I want to achieve with this program I have been working on:


I have a user system that allows users to log in with their username and password...

I want the users to be able to send emails to each other, but without using email.

I will solve this by creating a table for each user (when the sign up) that is username-mail.. all of their mail is stored in there (is this a bad way to do it?)


so this is what a username-mail table would look like:




for example an entry might be:


5/12/13 bob mysubject mymessage


I told the script not to echo the message because it might get annoying if it is in the table too... so what i want to do (not sure if even possible) is to have a link at the end of each entry (after the subject) that will open a new window (or something of that sort) that shows the message.... for example, we would now have this:


5/12/13 bob mysubject open


Is this possible? Sorry about the really long explanation... Please let me know how I should do this!


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Says the person who doesn't know what "sans" means... The irony ;)

Okay got that working too!

I used the JavaScript document.open() like this:



<script language=JavaScript>
function createDoc()
  var doc=document.open(\"text/html\",\"replace\");
  var txt=\"$row[message]\";


i just echoed that along with my script, and had a button that (when clicked) would call createDoc() and then it would output the message.. ;)

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