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car rental wp plugin issues.

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Good afternoon all,


Thank for taken the time to view my issues, Even if you can't help at least you took a look at my issues and that shows you care just as much as those who can help.


The script was bought for code canyon. BSI Car Rental booking system.


I have tried for 2 weeks to have the plugin creator fix the issues, But very poor support from http://www.bestsoftinc.com/


Known issues.

Template Layout integration  (fix myself) 


Booking system locks up at confirmation page. (unknown issue does this one in 3 times.)

Booking system not emailing confirmation to client or to admin. (system is suppose to do this at confirmation page.)

Poor confirmation page design and/or layout. (fix or addon issue)

The admin area has a confirmation page with print page button which I would love for client side also.

Front page widget ( fix or addon) the plugin does not redirect to booking page on submit on front page which breaks layout design and just causes mess.


The site is found here. for testing purposes use by phone as payment.




If you understand my issues. please let me know and we can work together to create a usable booking system for my client and a sell-able upgrade for the BSI booking system wp plugin.


Thanks for your time. JC


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Regarding the BSI Car Rental booking system from Code Canyon, you've mentioned several known issues that you've been facing. Firstly, you're planning to handle the template layout integration yourself, which is a good approach. As for the booking system locking up at the confirmation page, it seems to be an unknown issue that occurs three times. Additionally, the system is not sending confirmation emails to clients or admins, which is a crucial feature that should be functioning correctly at the confirmation page.

You've also pointed out concerns about the poor design and layout of the confirmation page, and you would like to have a print page button available for clients as well. Furthermore, the front page widget needs fixing or an add-on because it fails to redirect to the booking page upon submission, causing layout issues and confusion.

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