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Configuration to protect the PHP source code?

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If you're installing code on a client's server, what is a good configuration to protect your code from getting ripped off?


A few years ago I remember reading about obfuscation, and about some options to install compiled PHP.


Do some of you know what commercial outfits use nowadays to protect their source code? What are the best free solutions? And the best paid solutions?


Many thanks in advance. :)


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@trq, g'day from across the Tasman,


You mean, sign something with the client, and leave the source code wide open on their server?

Aarrg, not what I'm hoping to hear. :)


An unrelated question, but which also has to do with php configuration. I clicked on thorpesystems and saw mentioned a "static site generator". Is the idea to transform a set of dynamic pages into static pages, rebuilding them as needed, to make the site load faster? A friend mentioned he makes his pages that way, and the idea has been tantalizing me ever since... but I haven't yet found the courage to tackle it.


Recently got back into projects after about a year's break so I have a number of questions.


@PravinS: Thank you very much, I will have a look!

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We have 1100+ clients, who all have copies of our code in there servers. We do however maintain these servers for the clients but that is beside the point.


In like the last 7 years there has been one instance of someone breaking their license agreement by trying to use our code outside of it.


As for static site generation. I use it because i prefer to add content to my sites via vim and git rather than using some web interface. My sites source code is available (and the app I created to generate it) at the links in the bottom right corner of the site. You'll have to excuse the design of that thing, I got half way through converting it and couldn't be bothered to be honest.

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This thread is more than a year old. Are you sure you have something important to add to it?

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