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how to pass string using snoopy class

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I am using snoopy class to pass the json encoded to site. However if i pass the values using url as:


$values= array(
            'val' => 'val1',
            'val_arr' => "val1", "val2")




$url = 'path to webservice?values='.json_encode($values);


it gives me correct output by using $_GET as in format


{"val":"val1", "val_arr":["val1", "val2"]}


however by using post method of snoopy class



$snoopy = new Snoopy();



on receivng end of webservice it gives output as:


Array[0]=>({"val":"val1", "val_arr":["val1", "val2"]})


How can i post the data in json encoded string format using snoopy??

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