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problem with mysqli extension

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I installed apache2 server about a week ago and the first couple of days I had no trouble uploading and going into phpMyAdmin but now when I try to access phpMyAdmin i get this error..


cannot load mysqli extension;

please check PHP configuration



This must be a very common problem with people but seems that it is easily fixed..I have searched different forums and it seems this one would help me the most. The other forum topics I see that have this issue usually end with something like "ifigured it out myself...thanks for the help" so I am guessing it is something I screwed up and would be difficult for anyone to help me...



I think the best solution to the problem would be to uninstall and install again but when I tried to uninstall via cmd.exe it will tell me that it is not a internal or ecternal command, operable program, or batch file...


any help on how to solve this problem would be much appreciated...also i give tips if u have a paypal account ;)

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wow you guys are very slow responders. lol I was going to give a 15 dollar tip too but oh well. I fixed it by going to my original installation file for the apche2 server and overwriting all my current files and now it works. Thanks anyways

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