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hi all 

if (substr($_POST['tag'], 0, 15) == 'chave|commando|'){
include 'db_con.php';
$sql = substr($_POST['tag'], 15, 2000);						
$result = mysql_query($sql);
echo $results;
} else { 
"<script>window.location = 'http://www.google.com'</script>";

the tag recive "Update config_hal SET pgtobtn = 5 " if i send the tag like that this works fine ...

if i try to send like that  "Update config_hal SET pgtobtn = N " this dont work...

i know that i should write something like this "Update config_hal SET pgtobtn = 'N' " but also dont work 

can anybody tellme whats wrong with my code????

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i hope you are not going to use this method, of getting the whole sql query statement via user submitted data, on an actual live web site?


your current code will allow anyone who finds the site it run any query they want. they will either delete your data or set any of your data to anything they want.

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