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Atu Increment Field Problem

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Hello Sir Alayham


I've problem in MySQL Database; I hope you can help me to solve it.


Surely this not included in our official agreement with ILLAFTrain Support, But


i send you as Friends






In my database I've 'CLIENTS' table contain my client's information's, the table have auto increment field, it is the ID field.


The table contains now 6540 entry.




Table type MyISAM


ID field type is INT(30) it was 5 and I modify it to 30 I think I can solve problem by doing this but no way.. no solve…








Now when we add new client the ID field value become automatically 2147483647, and if we try to add again new clients the ID value become same number so we can Duplicate Error




I try to set the AUTO_INCREMENT value to 6541 but didn't changed and keep old value.




Would you please help me to solve this problem?







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