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Insert date to database

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Hi, I'm currently using date picker for selecting event date in my form codes. But I have problem when trying to insert to the database.


The date picker display value as this,

October 9th, 2013

I try to convert it using this code from another forum,


//check date format here before continuing.

echo $final_date; // to see the conversion

and this is what i get back

Warning: mktime() expects parameter 5 to be long, string given .....................

Please help me, I want to get this value -----> 09/10/2013

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$picker = 'October 9th, 2013';
$dt = DateTime::createFromFormat('F jS, Y', $picker);
$dbDate = $dt->format('Y-m-d');

echo $dbDate;

That will show $dbDate to contain "2013-10-09" which is the format you should be using to write dates to a database table

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