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Hi there, 


Am submitting an excel spread sheet via an upload php script I check in the do loop to see if the info already exists in my selected database using the info below



 $check_for_duped_person=mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT `id` FROM `delivery_information` WHERE `contact_name`='$recipient_name' AND `post_code`='$ship_postal_code'"));
 if($check_for_duped_person="1"){echo"error $check_for_duped_person $recipent_name";}else{


It always seems to return 1 when even when the table delivery_information is empty.


I need to make sure that the duplicated rows in the CSV file aren't submitted twice. This can only be done by the upload script and the above coding.


I can not do it via excel as it will be user submitted  


any help will be greatly appreciated



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a) one equal = is an assignment operator. two == is a comparison operator. this is a first-week beginner mistake. you have 400+ posts over years of being a member on this forum. why are you making such a mistake at this point in time?


b) you should almost never run queries inside of loops. for inserting/updating a large amount of data, you should be using one of the following methods -


1 - a multi-value INSERT .... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE query


2 - a multi-value INSERT IGNORE query


3 - a multi-value REPLACE

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