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  1. It's always easier to store who has seen something like a thread than who hasn't. I've never looked at phpBB's code, but I would imagine they associate the user to the thread when it's been read. So, when I click on it, a row in a table is inserted that says "hitman6003 has read thread xyz at 0230GMT".
  2. meh... Are you hurting for space, than an extra MB or two (cause a row of 2 int columns doesn't take much room) is really gonna make a difference? Use an index and don't worry about it. Doing it the second way, if you wanted to query "Who's friends list is user 123 on?", you would have to query an expand everyone's list to get that information.
  3. hitman6003

    Fixing SQLi Vulnerability Help

    StackOverflow's top voted php post is about SQL injection: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/60174/how-can-i-prevent-sql-injection-in-php
  4. hitman6003

    Fixing SQLi Vulnerability Help

    Just sanitize your input. Check to make sure the user(s) provide input that is correct/valid and use the "real_escape_string" functions before doing inserts. http://php.net/mysql_real_escape_string http://php.net/mysqli.real_escape_string

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