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mySQL vs postgreSQL


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What are your thoughts about MySQL vs PostgreSQL ?

up till now I always used MySQL and I have no real reason to complain about it.

The only thing I wonder is how well it will be maintained in the future since Oracle bought it.

PostgreSQL seems like a more advanced DB but I have never used it.



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I could see MySQL getting steadily replaced by MariaDB in the future, due to Oracle's general shittiness.


As far as MySQL vs PostgreSQL.... ehhhh. A lot of it is personal preference, or whichever you're more comfortable with. Both can be tuned to scale high. Both have tons of features, and you can pretty much accomplish the same things in both.


It also depends on what you're building. If you're building something in-house where you can control the environment, then either are great options. However, if you're building something that will be distributed out in the wild, then perhaps MySQL would be better, since it is more likely to be supported on random web hosts (this problem can be mitigated by using PDO, though).

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thank you. I forgot about MariaDB. Yes I fear that Oracle will probably destroy MySQL but knowing that MariaDB is an open alternative has made me at ease to continue using MySQL for the future and probably change to MariaDB with the next hardware / development upgrade.

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Both are excellent products with unique strengths, and the choice is often a matter of personal preference.I am trying to differentiate MySQl and PoatgreSQl. PostgreSQL has more GIS functions but i am going with MySQL Because of its features.This is my point of view

1.MySQL is relatively faster than PostgreSQL.

2.Database design will be simpler than PostgreSQL.

3.You can create a basic Web-driven Web site.

4.MySQL’s replication has been thoroughly tested.

5.There’s no need for cleanups in MySQL (Vacuum).

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