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Found 541 results

  1. I have created a registration page to access my website. After the user registrate himself should appear an alert saying that the registration was OK and a redirect to main.php page... however for some reason if I create an insert statement the alert and the redirect don't appear... If I remove the insert the alert and the redirect works... why? This is part of the code of my 3 files: registration.php (ajax call) $('#submit').click(function() { var username2 = $('#uname2').val(); var password2 = $('#psw2').val(); $.ajax({ url: 'ajax/response.php', type: 'GET', data: {username2 : username2, password2: password2}, success: function(data) { if(data === 'correct') { alert("Username and Password have been created!"); //don' work with the insert location.replace("main.php"); //don' work with the insert } else { alert("Username or password are not correct... please register yourself!"); } } }); }); response.php (answer to ajax call) if(isset($_GET['username2']) && isset($_GET['password2'])) { $username2 = $_GET['username2']; $password2 = $_GET['password2']; if (checkUser($pdo, $username2) === true) { echo 'duplicate'; } else { insertUserPwd($pdo, $username2, $password2); //including this line the redirect and the alert doesn't work... the insert is OK echo 'correct'; } } data_access.php (the function works but doesn't permit alert and redirect to appear) function insertUserPwd(PDO $pdo, $usr, $pwd) { $data = [ 'id' => '', 'user' => $usr, 'password' => $pwd ]; $sql = "INSERT INTO users (id, user, password) VALUES (:id, :user, :password)"; $stmt= $pdo->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute($data); } Can someone help me to fix the code?
  2. I'm suddenly having trouble using my connection to my MySQL database... (yes it was working but now...) I have the Connection created in an include file and stored in variable $DB, in the main file that includes the file containing the$DB there are other includes for classes. These classes are SUPPOSED to use $DB to connect to and SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT, but for a reason I cant figure out they suddenly stopped seeing $DB. it keeps saying its an undefined variable. If you need to see code I can post...
  3. Karaethon

    Selecting Oldest entries

    Is it (I'll bet the anwer is Yes) possible to SELECT the oldest entries in the table? "SELECT * FROM `vaults` WHERE `Status` = "Unsolved" ORDER BY `CREATED` LIMIT 75 Would this be correct?
  4. I am getting Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function real_query() on null with this code: public final function Retrieve($TABLE, $CRIT){ $_query = "SELECT * FROM `{$TABLE}` WHERE "; foreach($CRIT as $_field => $info){ $_query .= " `{$_field}` = `{$info}` &&"; } if($this->LINK->real_query(rtrim($_query, ' &'))){ return $this->LINK->store_result(); } else{ return json_encode(array("Error"=>$this->LINK->errno(), "Description"=>$this->LINK->error())); } } (LINK is my mysql_connect() result.) I have tried everything i can think of, ->query, going to mysqli_query, breaking it sown and using a $result variable, but nothing seems to work...
  5. My app just found an error in my login.php file on accident. The app is supposed to get credentials from the user then submit them to my server for verification. I accidentally submitted null credentials (empty strings) and the server returned auth=true. I can't figure out why. Server code: <?php require_once '../../includes/db_connect.inc'; require_once 'user.php'; $header = "Content-Type: application/json"; $_SESSION['error'] = array(); if (!isset($_GET['secureSubmit']) || $_GET['secureSubmit'] != true){ die(header("Location: ../access_denied.php")); } // check requirements $required = array('username', 'password'); foreach ($required as $requiredField){ if (!isset($_GET[$requiredField]) || $_GET[$requiredField] == ""){ $_SESSION['error'][] = $requiredField . " is incomplete or missing."; } } if (count($_SESSION['error']) > 0){ $errors = array(); for ($i = 0; $i < count($_SESSION['error']); $i++){ $errors[]=array( 'num' => $i, 'desc' => $_SESSION['error'][$i] ); } print json_encode($errors); exit; }else{ $user = new User; if ($user->authenticate($_GET['username'], $_GET['password'])){ print json_encode(array( 'auth' => true, 'call' => "login", 'sid' => session_id(), 'credits' => $_SESSION['credits'] ) ); }else{ print json_encode(array('auth' => false,)); } } ?> I went to my browser and entered http://localhost:10509/login.php?secureSubmit=true&username=%22%22&password=%22%22 and recieved {auth":true,"call":"login","sid":"29e81981a4709407e2fd8a8f734ad9bc","credits":null} as a response, can anyone find where the invalid positive is coming from? The initial check for empty username or password should be failing before it ever gets to the check.
  6. elentz

    tutorial suggestion

    I have a need to create a form that will get info from a mysql table, show that info, two fields one of which I want to be a checkbox that will need to update the table with either a 0 or a 1. I will later use that info. I have searched all over and haven't found what I am looking for. I can find tutorials for creating checkboxes but nothing what I need / want
  7. Hi guys, Whats the best way of sending mails from multiple table? This is what i did, but i feel there should be a better way of doing it cos sometime it delivers and sometimes it doesn't (don't know why though). Thanks $subj="New Sign up Notification"; $header="MIME-Version: 1.0" . "\r\n"; $header .="Content-type:text/html;charset=UTF-8" . "\r\n"; $header .="From: GOODGUYS<noreply@yoyo.com>"; //TABLE 1 $t1 = "table1"; $stmt = $pdo->query(" SELECT t1_email, t1_name FROM $t1 "); while($rows = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){ $t1_name = $rows['t1_name']; $t1_email = $rows['t1_email']; $t1_msg =" <html> <body> <h3>Subject: News</h3> <p> Hi $t1_name, <br> This is a message to you blah blah blah </p> <p> Thank you.<br> </p> </body> </html> "; mail($t1_email,$subj,$t1_msg,$header); } //TABLE 2 $t2 = "table2"; $stmt = $pdo->query(" SELECT t2_email, t2_name FROM $t2 "); while($rows = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){ $t2_name = $rows['t2_name']; $t2_email = $rows['t2_email']; $t2_msg =" <html> <body> <h3>Subject: News</h3> <p> Hi $t2_name, <br> This is a message to you blah blah blah </p> <p> Thank you.<br> </p> </body> </html> "; mail($t2_email,$subj,$t2_msg,$header); } //TABLE 3 $t3 = "table3"; $stmt = $pdo->query(" SELECT t3_email, t3_name FROM $t3 "); while($rows = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){ $t3_name = $rows['t3_name']; $t3_email = $rows['t3_email']; $t2_msg =" <html> <body> <h3>Subject: News</h3> <p> Hi $t3_name, <br> This is a message to you blah blah blah </p> <p> Thank you.<br> </p> </body> </html> "; mail($t3_email,$subj,$t3_msg,$header); }
  8. ttsprez

    Query Statement Help

    I'm having an issue with a query statement pulling info: This link carries customers to a "document gateway" where they are required to enter a reference code. https://pdforms.losttitleconnection.net/TX Title App Gate.php Use this Reference Code for test purpose: QKEX49MKDE On submit the PHP code is to take the reference code from the Post function of the gateway form and convert it to a variable $refcode This variable is then used in the query statement to pull 'name' and 'data' from the form_data table and use it to replace form field names with data in an html template. Then it is to present the new form in a pdf format to the browser for download or printing. I'm using the dompdf library to do this, but for now, am only using a short query test code to ensure I'm pulling the correct data by having the code display results. Currently, on submit, the browser is presenting the following: SELECT name,data FROM thetitl1_livesite754.form_data WHERE form_id IN(SELECT id FROM thetitl1_livesite754.forms WHERE reference_code = '') The following is the code as it appears in my PHP file. Help to get this figured out would be greatly appreciated. <?php //create a connection to MySQL require 'dogs.php'; //query for reference_code from 'forms' table $refcode = filter_input(INPUT_POST,'reference_code'); $mysqli = new mysqli($server, $username, $password, $dbase); $query = "SELECT name,data FROM thetitl1_livesite754.form_data WHERE form_id IN(SELECT id FROM thetitl1_livesite754.forms WHERE reference_code = '" . $refcode . "')"; die($query); $results = $mysqli->query($query); $new_form = file_get_contents("TX_Title_App.html"); //Replaces form_fields in html temp with "data" if ($results) { //below is the line referenced in error message above while ($row = mysqli_fetch_fields($results)) { echo $row["name"] . ":" . $row["data"] . "<br>"; $new_form = str_replace($row["name"], $row["data"], $new_form); } } ?>
  9. Im using excelwriter.inc.php library to write data in XLS. I have a system where I select column names like "id" , "name", "description" etc. This columns can be chosen from list. The column count can vary from choosing 1 or 2 or 40 columns to appear in XLS. As I chose more columns to appear in XLS. The data is not shown in proper format. Some data goes missing in between or with large number of chosen column the count is reduced to 8000-9000 rows. Suppose if column count is around at max 2 . Suppose id , name , the total rows would be perfectly shown having 10k records. But as I increase the column say adding a description . The row count would reduce to suppose 8-9k. Now If I keep increasing more column than The record count keep on decreasing and also some columns data goes missing. There is some problem with the excelwriter library to write data in XLS. LOGIC : One sheet will have maximum 10k rows. If count exceeds 10k . It will generate a new sheet. excelwriter.inc.php
  10. Hi I'm trying to recall a list of names of people who posted something according to the StringyChat_time field within the hour. The problem is it doesn't select the latest record, but rather the oldest one within the hour how can I select the latest time record? $galleries = array('ADMIN','Moderator','Global Helper','Helper','!!!ANNOUNCEMENT!!!','!!!TOPIC CHANGE!!!'); $sql = "SELECT * FROM StringyChat WHERE StringyChat_time >= (UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - 3600) AND StringyChat_name NOT IN ( '" . implode($galleries, "', '") . "' ) GROUP BY StringyChat_name ORDER BY StringyChat_time DESC LIMIT $offset, $rowsperpage"; $result1 = mysql_query($sql, $db)or die($sql."<br/><br/>".mysql_error());
  11. I am building an e-commerce site and I am aiming to create a front end displaying my products with an option for customers to buy them, and have a content management system as a back end for an admin to edit product information. Currently I am storing information about my products on a mysql database. I access and display the product info using a while loop. Below is a simplified version of what I am doing without any html to style it. This code will go through the database and each iteration will go the to the next row and display the info about the next product. $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM truffleProducts"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) { $id = $row['id']; $name = $row{'Name'}; $price = $row{'Price'}; $desc = $row{'Description'}; echo $id; echo $name; echo $price; echo $desc; } I have began to implement a 'buy' button so that customers are able to click on a button next to the product info and purchase it. However I have come across a problem which is where my program won't be able to tell which product you have selected as the number stored in the $id variable will just be the last product it has fetched from the database. I can't differentiate between all the product's buy buttons, so it will impossible to place an order for a customer with the current system I have. Can any one tell me how to get the id number of the specific product that a user has selected? I only started learning PHP a month or two ago so assume I know nothing
  12. sigmahokies

    PHP add new register in database

    Hi everyone, I'm sure you have seen me around in here by learning PHP, I am getting advance now. But I don't understand why it won't insert in PHPmyadmin (MySQL) with my prompt in php. Can you find why it won't add name as insert into my database? if ($_POST['submmited']) { $first = $_POST['firstname']; $last = $_POST['lastname']; $email = $_POST['email']; if ($first && $last && $email) { $sql = "INSERT INTO Student (StudentID,Firstname,LastName,Email) VALUES (NULL,'$first','$last','$email')"; mysqli_query($Garydb, $sql); } else { echo "Failed to add register"; } } I checked around, there is no mistake but it won't add a new as insert into my database...why? What Did I do wrong? Thank you in advance Gary
  13. I have a "Members" page that displays my organizations members info via My SQL. Currently, the database displays "State" quick links at the top and has the members organized by State down the page. If you click on one of the State links at the top, it will navigate to the section of the page with that state and associated members. I want the members associated with a specific state to be displayed only once I click the associated state link -- instead of all of the information showing at once like it is now. The page I am referring to can be seen at this link: http://homesforhorses.dreamhosters.com/members/ <?php update_option('image_default_link_type','none'); include("/home/cingen/config_admin.php"); function listMembers() { $sql = mysql_query("SELECT c.*, s.* FROM (".TABLE_MEMBERS." c LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_STATE." s on c.state = s.state_abbr) WHERE c. status = '1' ORDER BY c.country, c.state, c.organization ASC"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)) { $display_members = false; $organization = stripslashes($row['organization']); $website = stripslashes($row['website']); if ($website) { $link = "<a href='http://".$website."' target='_blank'>"; $endlink = "</a>"; } else { $link = ""; $endlink = ""; } $display_members .= $link.$organization.$endlink."<br />"; if ($row['address']) $display_members .= stripslashes($row['address'])." ".stripslashes($row['address2'])."<br />"; if ($row['city']) $display_members .= stripslashes($row['city']).", "; if ($row['state']) $display_members .= stripslashes($row['state']).""; if ($row['zip']) $display_members .= " ".$row['zip']; $display_members .= "<br />"; if ($row['contact_name']) $display_members .= "Contact: ".stripslashes($row['contact_name']); if ($row['contact_title']) $display_members .= ", ".stripslashes($row['contact_title']); if ($row['phone']) $display_members .= "<br />Tel: ".stripslashes($row['phone']); if ($row['email']) $display_members .= "<br />".$row['email']; if ($row['website']) $display_members .= "<br /><a href='http://".$row['website']."' target='_blank'>".$row['website']."</a><br/>"; if ($row['year_est']) $display_members .= "Founded in ".$row['year_est']."."; if ($row['org501c3'] == "1") $display_members .= " A 501(c)3 non-profit."; if ($row['gfas'] == "1") $display_members .= "<br />GFAS: Accredited Sanctuary."; if ($row['gfas'] == "2") $display_members .= "<br />GFAS: Verified Sanctuary."; if ($row['member_category']) $display_members .= "<br />".$row['member_category']; $display_members .= "<br /><br />"; $entries[$row['country']][$row['state_name']][] = $display_members; } $countrylinks = false; $statelinks = false; $display = false; if(is_array($entries)){ $display .= ' <div class="memberlist">'; foreach($entries as $country=>$state_members){ $countrylinks .= '<a href="#'.$country.'">'.$country.'</a> '; $display .= ' <h2 id="'.$country.'">'.strtoupper($country).'</h2> <div class="country">'; if(($state_members)){ foreach($state_members as $state=>$members){ $statelinks .= '<a href="#'.$state.'">'.$state.'</a> '; $display .= ' <h3 id="'.$state.'">'.strtoupper($state).'</h3> <div class="state">'; if(is_array($members)){ foreach($members as $key=>$member){ $display .= ' <div class="member"> '.$member.' </div>'; } } $display .= ' </div>'; } } $display .= ' </div>'; } $display .= ' </div>'; } $statelinks1 = ' <h2>Members List</h2> <strong>Quick Links</strong><br /><br /> '.$statelinks.'<br /><br />' .$display; return $statelinks1; } add_shortcode('memberlist', 'listMembers'); function listRescueStandards() { $display_members = ''; $sql = mysql_query("SELECT vc.*, s.*, m.* FROM ".TABLE_COMPLIANCE." vc, ".TABLE_STATE." s, ".TABLE_MEMBERS." m WHERE vc.member_id = m.cid AND m.status = '1' AND m.state = s.state_abbr ORDER BY m.state, m.organization ASC"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)) { $organization = stripslashes($row['organization']); if ($row['website']) { $link = "<a href='http://".$row['website']."' target='_blank'>"; $endlink = "</a>"; } else { $link = ""; $endlink = ""; } if($x!=$row['state_name']){ $display_members .= "<br /><strong>".strtoupper($row['state_name'])."</strong><br />"; $x = $row['state_name']; } $display_members .= $link.$organization.$endlink."<br /> ".stripslashes($row['address'])." ".stripslashes($row['address2'])."<br /> ".stripslashes($row['city']).", ".stripslashes($row['state'])." ".$row['zip']."<br />"; if ($row['contact_name']) $display_members .= "Contact: ".stripslashes($row['contact_name']); if ($row['contact_title']) $display_members .= ", ".stripslashes($row['contact_title']); if ($row['phone']) $display_members .= "<br />Tel: ".stripslashes($row['phone']); if ($row['fax']) $display_members .= "<br />Fax: ".stripslashes($row['fax']); if ($row['email']) $display_members .= "<br />".$row['email']; if ($row['website']) $display_members .= "<br /><a href='http://".$row['website']."' target='_blank'>".$row['website']."</a>"; if ($row['year_est']) $display_members .= "<br />Founded in ".$row['year_est']."."; if ($row['org501c3'] == "1") $display_members .= "<br />This organization IS registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3."; if ($row['org501c3'] != "1") $display_members .= "<br />This organization is NOT registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3."; $display_members .= "<br /><br />"; } return "<div class='memberlist'>" . $display_members . "</div>"; } add_shortcode('standardslist', 'listRescueStandards'); Thank you in advanced for your help! I am grateful for anyone even looking at it.
  14. Landslyde

    MySQL Create Database Failing

    After all the fields have been confirmed on my Registration Form, just before the confirmation email is sent out to the user, I have this code to create a MySQL db from their unique username: require_once 'login.php'; echo $uname; try{ $stmt = $db->prepare("CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS :dbname"); $stmt->bindValue(':dbname', $uname, PDO::PARAM_STR); $stmt->execute(); } catch (PDOException $ex){ echo 'Error creating database: '.$ex; } My apache error log is clear. Same for MySQL eorror log. No errors reported. I have even commented out the bindValue $stmt and put a name in place of :dbname in the prepare $stmt, but I still get nothing. Anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
  15. I have a Mysql table where I store prices of a product. I have the values in "varchar" format because I needed to include "decimals" in the prices(for eg. 15.30) and "int" doesn't allow that. Having done that, when ever I filter the products by prices in Ascending or Descending order, they don't show up in proper order. It seems like the decimal in the prices is messing up the order. Is there a way to fix this so that the php query can filter the prices in proper order despite the decimals? Here's the eg of the query. $get_records = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM records ORDER BY records.price DESC");
  16. Good Day, So this is the scenario. i have two tables Organization, and Course, so in organization.tbl i have org_name, org_description, and course_id and in course.tbl i have course_id, course_name. there is no problem in inserting the org_name and org_description but i have a problem in inserting the multiple course_id into organization.tbl This is my checkbox script. <?php $query = "SELECT * FROM course"; $result = mysql_query($query); while ($line = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { ?> <input type="checkbox" name="course" value="<?php echo $line["course_name"]?>"> <?php echo $line["course_name"]?> <br> <?php } ?> now how to insert multiple course id into org.tbl this is my query in saving the course_id. <?php if (isset($_POST['save'])) { $course_id = $_POST['course_id']; mysql_query("insert into organization (course_id) values ('$course_id') ") or die(mysql_error()); } ?>
  17. Me again.. I've struggled for the past 2 hours to insert article comments and link them to an existent article on the page. Now, the function that is displaying both comments and articles looks like this: function list_articles() { include('core/db/db_connection.php'); $sql = "SELECT blog.content_id, blog.title, blog.content, blog.posted_by, blog.date, article_comments.comments, article_comments.comment_by FROM blog LEFT OUTER JOIN article_comments ON blog.content_id = article_comments.blog_id WHERE blog.content != '' ORDER BY blog.content_id DESC"; $result = mysqli_query($dbCon, $sql); $previous_blog_id = 0; while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { if ($previous_blog_id != $row['content_id']) { echo "<h5 class='posted_by'>Posted by {$row['posted_by']} on {$row['date']}</h5> <h1 class='content_headers'>{$row['title']}</h1> <article>{$row['content']}</article> <hr class='artline'>"; $previous_blog_id = $row['content_id']; } if (!empty($row['comment_by']) && !empty($row['comments'])) { echo "<div class='commented_by'>Posted by: {$row['comment_by']} </div> <div class='comments'>Comments: {$row['comments']}</div> <hr class='artline2'>"; } } } The function I'm running to insert comments into article_comments table function insert_comments($comments, $comment_by, $blog_id) { include('core/db/db_connection.php'); $comment_by = sanitize($comment_by); $comments = sanitize($comments); $sql = "INSERT INTO article_comments (comments, comment_by, blog_id) VALUES ('$comments', '$comment_by', '$blog_id')"; mysqli_query($dbCon, $sql); } This works - it does the insertion, however I have no clue on how I could target the $blog_id variable when the user submits the post... The below is the form I use <?php echo list_articles(); if (!empty($_POST)) { insert_comments($_POST['comments'], $_POST['username'], 11); } ?> <form method='post' action='' class='comments_form'> <input type='text' name='username' placeholder='your name... *' id='name'> <textarea name='comments' id='textarea' placeholder='your comment... *' cols='30' rows='6'></textarea> <input type='submit' name='submit' id='post' value='post'> </form> I bet you noticed that I've manually inserted 11 as a param for the last variable. This links to blog_id 11 (the foreign key) in my article_comments table. It is displaying the comment just fine. Is there any way to target $blog_id without having to insert a number manually? Something like how I am targeting the $comments variable using $_POST['comments'] ? Also, even if I can target that, how do I know which post is the user commenting to? Should I give them the option to choose in a drop-down list ? That seems awkward.. but it's the only solution I can think of.
  18. I have a posting system worked out, as well as my database configured to my linking.. But as of right now, my posts are posted from oldest to newest, having users scroll down or go to the next page to see the most recent post. How would I "flip" that around and make my posts start from newest to oldest by its date/time (Which is stored in the database)? Thanks!
  19. I am updating all my code from mysql to mysqli. Currently using PHP 5.4 but will update to 5.5 once all this updating is done. Anyway, I have this old function for making data safe for inserting into mysql database. I changed all instances of "mysql" to "mysqli"... function mysqli_prep($value) { $magic_quotes_active = get_magic_quotes_gpc(); $new_enough_php = function_exists("mysqli_real_escape_string") ; //i.e. PHP >= v4.3.0 if($new_enough_php) { //PHP v4.3.0 or higher //undo any magic quote effects so mysqli_real_escape_string can do the work if($magic_quotes_active) { $value = stripslashes($value) ;} $value = mysqli_real_escape_string($connection, $value); } else { //before php v4.3.0 // if magic quotes aren;t already on then add slashes manually if(!magic_quotes_active) { $value = addslashes($value); } // if magic quotes are active, then the slashes already exist } return $value; } When I load that page that calls this function, I get... Warning: mysqli_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given in (mypath) This is my $connection by the way, which works fine on other pages that need it... $connection = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'myusername', 'mypassword', 'mytable'); if (!$connection) { die("database connection failed: " . mysqli_error()); } Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  20. I's trying to transform data from mysql into something like $books below but it doenst seem to be working $books = array( "phil" => array("my girl" => 2.5, "the god delusion" => 3.5, "tweak" => 3, "the shack" => 4, "the birds in my life" => 2.5, "new moon" => 3.5) ) this is how I tried doing: $sql = "SELECT * from rating where user_id=11 limit 5"; $db_result = mysql_db_query($dbname,$sql) or trigger_error(mysql_error()); $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($db_result) or trigger_error(mysql_error()); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($db_result)) { $one = $row['bookId']; $two = $row['user_id']; $three = $row['rating']; $ArraY= array( $two => array($one=>$three) ); print_r($ArraY); } but this is what i get : Array ( [11] => Array ( [123715] => 5 ) ) Array ( [11] => Array ( [140329] => 5 ) ) Array ( [11] => Array ( [3083854] => 4 ) ) Array ( [11] => Array ( [871236761] => 1 ) ) Array ( [11] => Array ( [451179757] => 1 ) ) Array ( [11] => Array ( [451403886] => 3 ) ) Array ( [24] => Array ( [044661095X] => 4 ) ) Array ( [24] => Array ( [014010268X] => 1 ) ) Array ( [24] => Array ( [812576063] => 5 ) ) Array ( [24] => Array ( [038076654X] => 1 ) ) instead of something like: Array ( [phil] => Array ( [my girl] => 2.5 [the god delusion] => 3.5 [tweak] => 3 [the shack] => 4 [the birds in my life] => 2.5 [new moon] => 3.5 ) [sameer] => Array ( [the last lecture] => 2.5 [the god delusion] => 3.5 [the noble wilds] => 3 [the shack] => 3.5 [the birds in my life] => 2.5 [new moon] => 1 ) [john] => Array ( [a thousand splendid suns] => 5 [the secret] => 3.5 [tweak] => 1 ) [peter] => Array ( [chaos] => 5 => 3.5 ) [jill] => Array ( [the last lecture] => 1.5 [the secret] => 2.5 [the noble wilds] => 4 [the host: a novel] => 3.5 [the world without end] => 2.5 [new moon] => 3.5 ) [bruce] => Array ( [the last lecture] => 3 [the hollow] => 1.5 [the noble wilds] => 3 [the shack] => 3.5 [the appeal] => 2 [new moon] => 3 ) [tom] => Array ( [chaos] => 2.5 ) ) Any help with how i can transform that will be much appreciated THANKS
  21. ElmoTheClown

    Grouping / Joining / Ordering

    Howdy, I'm trying to get a result from my database in the proper order. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `clc_crz_regions` ( `region_id` tinyint(2) NOT NULL, `parent_id` tinyint(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `regAbbreviation` varchar(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `reg_name` varchar(40) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', ) INSERT INTO `clc_crz_regions` (`region_id`, `parent_id`, `regAbbreviation`, `reg_name`) VALUES (4, 0, 'soam', 'South America'), (1, 0, 'cari', 'Caribbean'), (20, 1, 'eaca', 'Eastern Caribbean'), (44, 1, 'soca', 'Southern Caribbean'), (21, 1, 'weca', 'Western Caribbean'), (41, 4, 'amri', 'Amazon River'); CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `clc_crz_region_groups` ( `parent_id` tinyint(2) NOT NULL, `child_id` tinyint(2)NOT NULL ) INSERT INTO `clc_crz_region_groups` (`parent_id`, `child_id`) VALUES (1, 1), (1, 20), (1, 21), (1, 44), (2, 2), (3, 3), (3, 40), (3, 57), (4, 4), I'd like it to sort by 'reg_name' for the parents, with the children under the parents also sorted by name. Caribbean Eastern Caribbean Southern Caribbean Western Caribbean South America Amazon River Cape Horn I can get the results, just can't get them to order the way I want to. SELECT r1.region_id, r1.reg_name, r1.reg_entry_name, r1.parent_id FROM $wpdb->crz_regions r1 JOIN $wpdb->crz_region_groups r2 ON r1.region_id = r2.child_id I just can't get it sorted correctly. I'd like to do it in SQL if possible. Thank you
  22. I'm writing a small applications with episodes which contain 10-15 screenshots with each screenshot having 5 different resolutions. Every week there are about 20 new episodes. You can imagine that every week I have a lot of screenshots which have to be somehow linked to their respective episode. Currently the filenames are stored in a MySQL database, but after 5 minutes of testing I already have 100+ rows. Not quite sure if that's a smart way of moving forward. The advantage of having them in the DB is that I can easily grab them using Eloquent ORM without having to finnick around with regeneration of filenames for on the fly loading. Are there any good other alternatives of linking multiple files to database entries? Or should I just stick with the current method? What would be some adverse effects of doing it this way?
  23. I'm currently making use of arrays to modify my font colors in my chat script for example $admin = array('m70141099002' , 'Debater', '27765238453', ''); $moderator = array('m52626156002', 'm57010835002' , 'm50079252002', '27723289551', 'm38565659002'); $testip = $_SERVER["HTTP_X_MXIT_USERID_R"]; if(!isset($name)) { $name = "Debater"; } if(!isset($testip)) { $testip = "Debater"; } ////////////////This is for Admin Permission Users////////////// if (in_array($testip, $admin)) { if (in_array($list['StringyChat_ip'], $admin)) { print '<span style="color:#828282">' . '(' . date( 'D H:i:s', $list['StringyChat_time'] ) . ') ' . '</span>' . $form . ' ' . '</span>'. '<span style="color:red">' . '<b>' . $list['StringyChat_name'] . '</b>' . ' : ' . filterBadWords(wordwrap($list['StringyChat_message'], $line_length,"<br>\n")) . '</span>' . '<span style="color:#d8d8d8">' . " - " . $ipi . '</span>' . '<br />'; } elseif (in_array($list['StringyChat_ip'], $moderator)) { print '<span style="color:#828282">' . '(' . date( 'D H:i:s', $list['StringyChat_time'] ) . ') ' . '</span>' . $form . ' ' . '<span style="color:green">' . '<b>' . $list['StringyChat_name'] . '</b>' . ' : ' . filterBadWords(wordwrap($list['StringyChat_message'], $line_length,"<br>\n")) . '</span>' . '<span style="color:#d8d8d8">' . " - " . $ipi . '</span>' . '<br />'; } elseif (in_array($list['StringyChat_ip'], $pc)) { print '<span style="color:gold">' . '(' . date( 'D H:i:s', $list['StringyChat_time'] ) . ') ' . '</span>' . $form . ' ' . '<span style="color:purple">' . '<b>' . $list['StringyChat_name'] . '</b>' . '</span>' . ' : ' . '<span style="color:blue">' . filterBadWords(wordwrap($list['StringyChat_message'], $line_length,"<br>\n")) . '</span>' . '<span style="color:#d8d8d8">' . " - " . $ipi . '</span>' . '<br />'; } elseif (in_array($list['StringyChat_ip'], $helper)) { print '<span style="color:#828282">' . '(' . date( 'D H:i:s', $list['StringyChat_time'] ) . ') ' . '</span>' . $form . ' ' . '<span style="color:blue">' . '<b>' . $list['StringyChat_name'] . '</span>' . '<span style="color:green">' . ' ' . '[H]' . '</span>' . '</b>' . ' : ' . '<span style="color:blue">' . filterBadWords(wordwrap($list['StringyChat_message'], $line_length,"<br>\n")) . '</span>' . '<span style="color:#d8d8d8">' . " - " . $ipi . '</span>' . '<br />'; } elseif (in_array($list['StringyChat_ip'], $globalhelper)) { print '<span style="color:#828282">' . '(' . date( 'D H:i:s', $list['StringyChat_time'] ) . ') ' . '</span>' . $form . ' ' . '<span style="color:blue">' . '<b>' . $list['StringyChat_name'] . '</span>' . '<span style="color:green">' . ' ' . '[G.H]' . '</span>' . '</b>' . ' : ' . '<span style="color:blue">' . filterBadWords(wordwrap($list['StringyChat_message'], $line_length,"<br>\n")) . '</span>' . '<span style="color:#d8d8d8">' . " - " . $ipi . '</span>' . '<br />'; } else { print '<span style="color:#828282">' . '(' . date( 'D H:i:s', $list['StringyChat_time'] ) . ') ' . '</span>' . $form . ' ' . '<span style="color:#0365B8">' . '<b>' . $list['StringyChat_name'] . '</b>' . '</span>' . ' : ' . filterBadWords(wordwrap($list['StringyChat_message'], $line_length,"<br>\n")) . '<span style="color:#d8d8d8">' . " - " . $ipi . '</span>' . '<br />'; } } This printout will show all the users matching the testip within the admin array, I got the same printout for moderators as well. Well the real problem I'm experiencing right now is to use my database to calculate the color it should display. I got 3 tables at this stage Table 1: Users2 Layout ID, Username, mxitid, nick, phone and rank This table is where I store the usernames of people if they register and give them the rank value of 6 Table 2: ranks_colors Layout Type, rank, color1, color2, color3, color4 Admin, 1, red, blue, orange, purple Mod, 2, green, pink, yellow, black etc... upto 6 wich is Normal This table is where I specify Type like Administrator rank 1 and 4 colors he can use within hes text printout Table 3: StringyChat Layout id, ip, name, message, time, device, rank This is basically where the messages that is being send will be stored each in its own row with the specified rank number. The problem I'm currently struggling with is the ranks I want each rank type font to be different for example in the above Table 2. If admin all the messages send by admin must be red. All the mod messages must be green etc. How can I change from the array way to mysql by using the ranks system?
  24. I have a problem . I 've been trying for a long time to make an update for php mysql to change the data. but every time I do not manage to make it work with a form. but it works if I only if I put this ($ sql = "UPDATE users SET username = 'value' WHERE id = 10 " ; ) so it only works when I put the value of the id. but I want in an html form to indicate what I want to change and what id goes. but I have tried so long that I do not feel like I so want someone help me. make the same database and same as my records and make the code and test it if it works show me please my database name : web test my table called : users my records are called : id int ( 11) AUTO_INNCREMENT username , varchar ( 255 ) password , varchar ( 255 ) first_name , varchar ( 255 ) last_name , varchar ( 255 ) email, varchar ( 255 ) Age, int ( 11) Look, my update.php is like this now <?php $servername = "localhost"; $username = "root"; $password = "....."; $dbname = "webtest"; $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); if ($conn->connect_error) { die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error); } $sql = "UPDATE users SET password='cotton candy' WHERE id=10"; if ($conn->query($sql) === TRUE) { echo "Record updated successfully"; } else { echo "Error updating record: " . $conn->error; } $conn->close(); ?> but now i have still have to go into the php file to change the valeu or the id but i looked on site and youtube how to put it in a simple html form but it still does not work. i want it in a html from. I want that when I enter the ID that the data of the user appears and that I can change any valeu separately. please help me out!!
  25. Michael_Baxter

    Extending a CMS in PHP

    Hi I have been putting together a CMS system for users that have no idea how to use HMTL, at this time I have managed to build a basic CMS and now I am looking to extend the functionality of its use, right now the user can view the public pages with links, login to the Admin area to manage the subjects or pages and visibility of all and delete any of all or add an admin member, that's a nut shell to a ot of work already done; moving forwards I want to take away the need for any user ever needing to type any code, so if they wish to change the font colour, weight, type o back ground colour or image etc..... so how would anyone recommend working this, I was thinking maybe add buttons and selection boxes that save the correct data into a separate table and retrieve both and concatenate it back together

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