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Tiny Development presents... it's tiny(/only) developer!


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Hi all,


So, as you can see, I do php and comedy (skills lacking in the latter).


I have been doing php for just under 2 years now; started a job doing IT Support, place had web developers, found my way onto that team within a month after throwing 2 phones out of the same window.


My skills are pretty limited thanks to the code I've been exposed to (legacy system written procedurally with more and more added to the pot. Nothing was tested automatically, some files were over 14000 lines long with nobody daring to put it on a diet!) but I am looking to expand.


I guess I really got into code when I attended the PHP NW 2013 conference (anybody who was there; I was the short round asian guy who always wore a black leather jacket and black "raiders" hat) and kind of had my eyes opened up to the real world of PHP. A little after that, I took the keynote's advice and left my job! hah.


Outside of code, I game (like... most other people I've met), I watch quite a lot of wrestling (NWA/TNA PPVs and current TNA, ECW, WWF attitude era) and use lots of parenthesis.


So yeah, thats TinyI(nsanity) in a nutshell.


Thanks for reading (if you did read all the above, although I wouldn't blame anybody who dropped a "TL;DR" on this).

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