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Social log-in integration


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Although fearful that this question might get spiked due to the broadness of it, here goes....


For my next site I want to integrate social log-ins with the member system. The table set-up is not decided yet for the members but as I have done about half a dozen of these I pretty much know what it will be but for now, just knowing there will be Username, First Name, Surname, Date of Birth and Email for the purposes of my question (I do not want to overcomplicate it needlessly).


I would want to have social log-ins, definitely Facebook and Twitter but others if possible, interacting with the members table. I have done a lot of reading-up but cannot find if my set-up wish is actually possible.....


Someone can register normally, via a form or by clicking the link/button to register via Facebook or Twitter.

During registration they can also add their Facebook/Twitter (depending on their chosen registration method) details.

At any point after registration, they can add their Facebook/Twitter details by editing their profile.

If a non-logged in visitor clicks to sign-in with Facebook or Twitter, it will check the members table to see if that person already has a matching Facebook/Twitter OAuth registered with my site. If so they will be logged in as that user.

If an OAuth match is not found, it will check another set of criteria to see if that matches. I assume that this will be done by pulling the email from Facebook/Twitter. If there is a match on this, it will add the relevant OAuth to the users row in the table.

If there is still no match it will ask the person if they have already registered manually (as some people have different emails for different uses). If they say yes, then they will be asked to log-in with their registered username and password. The OAuth will then be added to the users details.

If they have not already registered, then create a new member in the table with the OAuth details. I am guessing that if they have First Name, Surname and Date of Birth information on Facebook/Twitter, these can then be pulled into the database. The Username I guess would be more difficult unless before registration is complete they are asked to provide one.


Anyway, that is how I have it in my head and I know that there is a lot there but I want to make sure that I know exactly what is possible before I start diving in. If anyone can give any advice as to whether any of the above is not possible or more trouble than it is worth then I would be grateful.

Also any other pointers would be very much welcomed. I do not mean to write it for me and also not a generic Social OAuth tutorial as I have already been through stacks of those, but if someone can point me in the direction of anything that covers the specifics of the above that will get me started!


Thanks in advance



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