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Need an advice in web-app designing


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We now use ajax for any post that results in a database write. We take plan this year to take it one step further.  If there is more then 1 database write when we will do a ajax send for each write (i.e. step)


For example lets say you are asking for a credit card number and need to charge it.  


1. We would ajax send the credit card number and the server would update the database

2. Send the command to charge it


This way we solve an issue we have where if the reply never comes we do not know what processes completed.  This way if we get a reply from the step 1 but now reply from step 2 we now we need to only resend the command to charge again


What kind of app are you writing?

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im working on online exam app. I have read about api cache(localstorage and sessionstorage) and cookies but I`m yet a little bit confused.

I will appreciate Any suggestion or advice.


Thank you for your time!

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You really need to be more specific as to what your concern is. Your request is way too broad to really answer. You state you want to " . . . avoid different problems (internet connection)".


How are you storing the results as the user takes the exam? Is the user answering one or a few questions at a time? If so, just save their responses on each page. Then if they lose connectivity and come back you know where to take them in the process. If, however, you have the exam all on one page, then you could use AJAX to submit the user's response as they answer each question. Basically, there is no one solution. The best solution can only be determined by understanding the specific workflow and needs.

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