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.. unless you are asking for clarification about the job.


Up until now, we have always made it to where people could not reply.  We decided to give it a try because people have constantly asked that we allow it, so that they could respond with clarifications, and we're willing to see how that goes.  But if all we see are people spamming their calling cards in the threads, we're going to issue a beat down and revert to no replying.  Do not make us regret this decision. 


Do NOT post your 'resume' or willingness to work etc.. in the job thread.  You must reply directly to the OP via email etc.  



  • You may get warned.  
  • You may get muted (mods must approve your posts before they are visible).  
  • You may be banned without warning.  
  • Ability to respond to the threads at all may be removed (for everybody).  
Action is at the sole discretion of moderators and admin.  Any one or more of these may happen, even on your first offense.



Update 2014.03.31


Welp, that didn't take long. I knew it would happen and sure enough, it did. This rule continues to be broken, even by people that we give warnings to instead of outright ban. So as of this date, you can no longer reply to threads in this forum (again). I apologize to the people who actually respected this rule, and I apologize to the OPs who can no longer even reply in their own threads to update info (there isn't an option to allow OP but not others), but you can thank the people who refuse to follow rules who instead think they will get somewhere by spamming their stupid calling cards on everybody's threads. I hate to be the guy that says "I told you so" but there you have it.

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