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Password Reset Not Working


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Added $securityUser = $_POST['user_id'] to rule one as well, but still getting the notice.


Besides the above mentioned notice, there are still two problems:

The new password isn't updated into the database

The link doesn't work when copied and pasted into the address bar. Clicking it works (For this one I can open  new thread).


What I am worried about though, is that once we've worked through all the errors, that I might get back to a point where the updated password doesn't work as I was having earlier.

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The password not updating in the database is to do with whatever page that link is sending you to, which is why I suggested a new thread.


As for the link not working when copied into the address bar... why would you want to do that? It's just that the link isn't being built properly... it's text anchor is reffering to http://jhbvcstracking/ instead of your local directory.

$passwordLink = "<a href=\"?a=recover&email=" . $security_key . "&u=" . urlencode(base64_encode($user_id)) . "\">http://jhbvcstracking/resetpwd.php?a=recover&email=" . $security_key . "&u=" . urlencode(base64_encode($user_id)) . "</a>";

I kmow it's probably not that helpful at this point, but you really should go back and try and learn som eof the basics here. Read up on POST and GET and just general HTML tags. The code you've found and are trying to implement is going to be a massive headache like this constantly if you don't vaguely understand what the logic is behind it

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