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Building a web interface to query MySQL database


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Hello everyone,


I am just beginning to learn PHP (I am advanced in HTML/CSS), and I wanted to run an idea by this forum to help me determine how feasible it is. I've searched these boards and the web but haven't found a satisfying answer.


Basically, I want to develop a web app that allows users to (1) input various fields of data (including tags) into a form; (2) submit the data and store it in a MySQL database; (3) query the database using a web interface; and (4) view the query results as HTML output. The best example I can think of is Delicious, since their interface makes it easy for their users to search for bookmarks that they have added (I don't know what language Delicious was developed in -- this is just an example of functionality I'd like to have). It seems easy enough to query a MySQL database using command-line tools, but I want a web interface that site visitors can easily use.


I have learned about conditions, and arrays, and storing data, and am learning about working with MySQL next. I am sure this question will be much clearer to me after my MySQL lessons, but I'd appreciate your thoughts now. Is my idea something I can build after a few months of learning and practice? I plan to spend 5-6 hours a day for the next couple of months practicing PHP.


I'd appreciate any insight you can provide me. I'd also appreciate any topics/resources you have that are relevant to this project. Thank you!

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