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Substr help

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What I'm trying to do is:

==select all the hours for each day up to the inputted date

==(hours are stored in 'day')

==select dates either from before April 30, 2005 or after it (depending on the date inputted)

==add the results together


//parameter tossed in: $date
//dates are arranged as such: YYYY-MM-DD

//initial SELECT statement
$stuff = "SELECT day FROM db";

/*if the year > 2005 or month > april and the year = 2005
  use the following code:*/
if(substr($date,0,4)>2005 or substr($date,5,2)>4 && substr($date,0,4)==2005)
//just a visual confirmation of the program's path
echo 'GREATER ';
//concatenate the rest of the statement
//this seems to be the part where i need help
$stuff = $stuff. " WHERE substr(month,0,4)>2005 OR substr(month,5,2)>4 AND substr(month,0,4)=2005";

} else {
//again, confirmation
echo 'LESS ';
//get the dates before May, 2005
$stuff = $stuff." WHERE substr(month,0,4)<2005 OR substr(month,5,2)<5 AND substr(month,0,4)=2005";
//see what the final statement being executed is
echo $stuff."\n";

//run the statement
$tothours = 0;
$result = mysql_query($stuff, $login_db) or ezine_mysql_die();
while($num = mysql_fetch_object($result)) {
//get the total number of hours
   $tothours += ($num->day);
//this statement displays nothing, no results are returned.
  echo $db."::";

//it displays 0
echo $tothours;


And for the record, there are entries in the database that meet the criteria for both sides. If you can find the/some errors in my code, I'd definitely appreciate it. Thanks alot.

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