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Hello php freaks!


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My name is Ben. I'm looking for an online community to help with my web development skills. In high school (about a decade ago) I was part of hardwareanaylsis.com and it was an immensely helpful resource while building my first computer. I got into over clocking but never ventured into programming. Throughout college I went down the liberal arts path and now five years out of college and several dead-end minimum wage jobs later I am back living at home and teaching myself php. 


The decision to learn php was almost entirely pragmatic. It seems to be the most in demand language skill with a reasonably low barrier to entry. I worked through several courses at teamtreehouse.com but left without feeling any sense of mastery; it's kind of like learning how to paint by copying Bob Ross. I did learn quite a lot there but I felt it was time to move on. 


I am currently working through a series of loosely sequential php instruction books by Larry Ullman. Right now I am in the last chapters of "PHP for the Web" and have been so impressed with his presentation and style (also a former philosophy and literature student) that I have purchased almost all of his current volumes and plan to work through them as well. I want to build a portfolio of sites using the knowledge I will have gained before applying for jobs.


Anyway, I like the look of this site so I thought I would see what I can learn and if I may be able to contribute.





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Hi Ben!


I read a lot of good reviews about Larry Ullman's books! Since they are mostly beginners book, I didn't need to read them, but I would like to know what's so good about them?


And, as for PHP, I think that you made the right choice. Honestly, all the stuff around PHP (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) you'll need to learn isn't lost. When you'll feel comfortable with PHP, learning another web language like Java, Ruby, etc, will be 10x easier than the first web language you learn because you have to deal with everything around.


Good luck! :)

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