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Problems with IIS6

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I am running Windows Pro XP2

I am getting an IIS error 1053. IIS is started, but www and ftp are on

starting. If I try to restart it I get a 1053 error. I also can not

open the IIS MMC shortcut to IIS to set the port.


When I do a iisreset it just sits for a long time and I get the samething for the www

and ftp service.


I have Apache and Cold Fusion as well.


On my lap top I am goind the same thing with IIS using port

90 and this is working.



Please can someone help.


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Check your Eventlog and check to see what is causing the error 1053, then let me know here.


Also when you say you cant get the short cut directly have you tried creating a new mmc and adding the IIS manager snap in?

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