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I'm in the process of writing an online movie trivia game in PHP, Ajax and jQuery, I have completed about 65 percent in what I want to achieve. I have it where users can add their own movie questions and once they are approved by me they will appear in the game. I eventually want to make the game play better and have where a person can log on via social media (Facebook, Google+, etc). Here's the link to the website: https://www.pepster.com/


Everything is original or have permission to use,  I converted an old Flash trivia game that I developed in college and I have been spending the last month or two developing this website (along with my main website). I know haven't critique other websites, but I have notice there isn't much activity going on here lately, but I promise I will in the future. I'm look for input on game play, new features that you might like to see and over website design.


Best Regards,




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It's not clear how the point system works. Every time I answered a question correctly I think I got 100 points. But, I'm not sure if the time remaining has any impact on points. Plus, when I answered a question wrong I lost 25 points. What if I let the time expire? Do I still lose 25 points, or is it only for answering incorrectly. I think there needs to be some text/indication on the page to let the user know how the points works. If the points change based upon how fast the user answers, then it'd be nice to see the "win points" available as the clock is ticking down.


When the time ends without an answer, nothing happens. No out of time message or anything. I would think that it would reveal the correct answer.


After a question is answered, or time runs out, the questions should no longer be links. Suggest showing the unanswered questions in a gray background as a visual queue


Is there an end? It doesn't tell me "Question 5 of 20" or anything like that. So, what's the point if there is no end?


Needs some proofreading for typos and grammar issues


One question for the Tom Hanks move had the answers "Castaway" and "Cast Away". Really? That's splitting hairs a bit isn't it? I found all the questions incredibly easy for movies I had seen. I only had problems with movies I had not seen.

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"One question for the Tom Hanks move had the answers "Castaway" and "Cast Away". Really? That's splitting hairs a bit isn't it?"  Well, there is a movie named Castaway (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092732/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1), so not really. :happy-04:


Joking aside, I realize my scoring system is kind of messed up right now, for I have been working implementing  random questions and tweaking other things in the code. I plan on going to a certain number of question per day or a way to exit out of the questions, plus I will have a visual queue on how many questions are left ( 10 out 20 for example). Just getting the game switched over from Flash has been a chore, but like I said I have vast areas that need improving, so maybe I will lower my estimate down to 40-45 percent done. I will eventually have a better scoring system ( I have something that I have in back of mind that I am trying to implement). I will fixing the links still working after time has run out or answered (where they won't be links), with flash it was simple for all I had to do was disable the event listener. sigh. I will be diffidently improving the visuals and using a lot of your suggestions. I'll be editing my questions and answers when I get time to get rid of the grammatical and spelling errors.


Thanks for the input.

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