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A Belated Intro


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I guess that having been here over a year, with over 500 posts I should have done this long ago. I've never really been a great coder but I really enjoy application design and project management. The code I write is not elegant, but it gets the job done. My programming experience and career is detailed in my profile so I won't rehash it here but I wanted to add a few personal details: I write as a sideline and hobby -- mainly business valuation software but I do projects for fun, my own use, or as a volunteer for non-profits. I have a wife and three wonderful boys. I'm interested in education and like kids so I coach chess, math, and organize a science fair. I am also interested in language and require that each of my children learn a foreign language (They chose Japanese, Greek, and Chinese). Lately in my spare time I have been working on a website to teach Japanese. I just put the first two modules in Beta (originally it was going to be one module but mission creep has 7 more on the to do list).


Finally, I'd like to thank all of the people who have helped me as I've learned here. I'm not done yet and hope to give back as much help as I've received.

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