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"Simple" ordering system

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I have an Job, which i need some help with.


Its an ordering system.


its probably really simple to do, and i even know how i want it set up.

all databases are setup.

i cant pay much but my payment will be : 178.59 dollar

which in this point of time is calculated from 1000 dkk


the task:


an ordering system which contains:

selection menu - to select an activity, stored in an database
an starting time textfield. just a normal textfield i guess ;)
a selection menu - for package selection- wich will find the packages in the package database with the matching target id for the selected Activity
a textfield for amount of people participating, as a multiplier for the price.

a selection menu - for additions selecting. same as the Package selector.

and an price field

this is in one row, where there should be a way to add these, so that its possible to get more acticity orderes
+ an Total amount field

all this data should then be viewable in a table, which ill create, and after that be able to be send through an email that is setup in html, which ill make:)


Why i need help:

i took my hands full with this project, and im leaving soon for thailand, and that is why im a bit screwed;/


hope to hear from somone fast 


many thanks

Joachim Gerber

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