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Hallo from Wi!


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Hi All,

  I'm building a wordpress website which is going pretty good.  I'd say I'm a 3 or 4 on a 10 scale as a php programmer and learning my way around sql as I speak.  Anywho I have this template page (actually a few pages) that consists of pulling data from a couple of tables and the like.  The pages are like 95% done but I'm stuck on the one part...somehow I get an Undefined index: Id .  I know that is not enough information for anyone to help but since I dont have anyone to ask I thought talking it out my help.  


Where to begin.....well the site is located at page in question is http://greatnortherncabinetry.net/an-onyx-gallery/   username phpfreak password phpfreak to take a look at it.  To tell the truth I had help with most of it and cobbled from this and that to get to this point.


The error comes in on the 2nd page when the wood material is clicked. this is the error I get from the debugger I use:

NOTICE: wp-content/themes/downtown/template-onyx-door-wood-desc.php:95 - Undefined index: Id

from my research I think I need an isset statement to fix things but for the life of me I can't figure out where....my other though is it might be looking in the wrong table altogether.


Anyway that's the story,





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