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create a gig guide

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Hello people!!

I hope you can help me out here. I need some direction in making a gig guide for my website. What i want to do is when you open the page up, it will display whats on for the current day, eg. monday 21st november 2005, at the top of the page and follow with the rest of the week/month. These 2 links below show what i want

[a href=\"http://northcotesocialclub.com/pages/giglist.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://northcotesocialclub.com/pages/giglist.php[/a]

[a href=\"http://cornerhotel.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://cornerhotel.com/[/a] (click on gig guide?


i need some basic from scratch ideas/explanations as i'm not sure on how to go about using php. i have a server so if you could give me an idea of what i need to do to set this up i'll be stoked. I'm using dreamweaver, html to edit the code


thanks in advance :)

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Use an MySQL database, and PHP.


Have a date field in the database, and when the page loads it uses a mysql query to collect the gig events.


something like


"SELECT * FROM 'table name' WHERE Date > now()"


Not sure weather i have the correct syntax look into it, but something like that should collect all the gig events that occur after todays date.


Is that the sort of thing you're after?



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