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Yet another question on JOIN, please help

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I have been reading up on joins, but I still am a bit unclear how I would write my query to do the following.


I have a table named teams

|  ID  |  Teamname        |
|  1    |  The Good Team |
|  2    |  The Bad Team   |


And a table named matchups

|  ID  |  Team1  |  Team2  |
|  1    |     1       |      2      |


I want to query the matchups table and pull the teamnames from the teams table.


"SELECT matchups.team1, teams.teamname as team1, matchups.team2, teams.teamname as team2 FROM matchups join teams on matchups.team1 = teams.id "


The join has one team id = to the id in the team table, but what about the other team?


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With this table structure I would try something like this:


SELECT A.team1

,B.teamname as team1


,C.teamname as team2


FROM matchups A

JOIN teams B

ON A.team1 = B.id

JOIN teams C

ON A.team2 = C.id


/*A B and C are table aliases which I used just to cut down on typing*/


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