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Urgent: Edit shipping script - Calculating a price


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Posted this in the help section but I realized I would have better luck posting this in this forum.

I need some urgent help with a simple script a friend wrote for me but isn't returning the correct values. I'm looking to get this script working but my PHP skills are abysmal and I can't for the life of me figure out whats the best way to do this. I've tried contacting my friend but he's moving cross-country so I'm hoping someone could help me quickly. I require the script to be working for a small project of mine so I need some help within the next 3-4 hrs if possible.


The script is supposed to return a total shipping price based on the weight of products that are passed to it via an API and the location of the visitor. There are a total of 3 different products (Product A, Product B, Product C) each with it's own weight in grams and it's own shipping rate. The script is needs to follow the following rules:

  • When 1 product (either Product A, B, or C) is in the cart it returns the full fixed shipping price for either US or International Shipping based on $isInternational
  • When 2 or more of Product A or B are added to the cart the full shipping is taken for the heaviest item and a fixed price is added for each additional item (Product and B each have their own fixed prices)
  • When Product C is added to the cart it returns a fixed based on US or International (Product C ships separately and doesn't depend on the weight/prices of Product A or B)

The product weights/prices are:

Product A:
Weight (grams): 250
Us Shipping for first instance: $6.00
International Shipping for first instance: $10.00

Each additional instance: $1.00

Product B:
Weight (grams): 300
Us Shipping for first instance: $8.00
International Shipping for first instance: $11.00
Each additional instance: $2.50
Product C:
Weight (grams): 120
Us Shipping for each instance: $8.00
International Shipping for each instance: $20.00
An example would be if the cart contained 2 of Product B, 1 of Product A, and 2 of Product C shipping to the US:
The price would be 8+2.50+1+8+8=27.50
The script currently ignores the addition of more instances of the items and doesn't take into account US vs International:
header('Content-Type: application/json');

$json = file_get_contents('php://input');
$request_body = json_decode($json, true);

if (is_null($request_body) or !isset($request_body['eventName'])) {
header('HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request');
    $response = array(
        "rates" => ""

switch ($request_body['eventName']) {
case 'shippingrates.fetch':
        // ============= recieve data from cart ==============
        $country_code = $request_body["content"]["billingAddressCountry"];
        $state_code = $request_body["content"]["billingAddressProvince"];
        $isInternational = ($country_code != "US");
        $quantity = 0;
        $maxWeight = 0;
        $cost = 0;
        $description = "International Shipping";
        if($request_body["content"] && $request_body["content"]["items"]){
            foreach ($request_body["content"]["items"] as $cart_item){
                $quantity += $cart_item["quantity"];
                if($cart_item["weight"] >= 300){
                    $cost += 2.50;
                } else if($cart_item["weight"] >= 200){
                    $cost += 1.0;
                } else if($cart_item >= 100){
                    $cost += ($isInternational)? 15.0 : 8.0;
                if($cart_item["weight"] > $maxWeight){
                    $maxWeight = $cart_item["weight"];
        if($maxWeight >= 300) {
            $cost += ($isInternational) ? 11.0 : 8.0;
            $cost -= 2.50;
        } else if ($maxWeight >= 200) {
            $cost += ($isInternational) ? 10.0 : 6.0;
            $cost -= 1;
            $description = "International Shipping";
        } else {
            $description = "USPS Standard Shipping";
        // =========== return data to cart ===============
        $rates = array(
                "cost" => $cost,
                "description" => $description
        $response = array(
            "rates" => $rates
        header('HTTP/1.1 200 OK');
        header('HTTP/1.1 200 OK');


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